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On any list of surgery requirements, supply systems for compressed air and suction take the top, because without those nothing goes. The new Power Tower Silence 120 (PTS 120) from Dürr Dental in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany) now offers a solution requiring only 0.3 m² floor space for both supply systems. This reliable and amazingly quiet all-in-one-solution is perfect for installation directly in the treatment room. The PTS 120 is a fine example of engineering technology Made in Germany: this compact functional unit provides oil-free, dry and hygienic compressed air as well as high-volume spraymist suction. Optionally equipped with: either a Dürr VS-type unit operating as so-called ,wet, suction system in Dental Units without air/water-separation function, or with Dürr V-type units as - dry- systems where such air/water separation is already available. A choice of suitable compressors are available for different performance requirements, which can be completed or backfitted in most geographical regions with the state-of-the-art Dürr Membrane Drying Unit as an optional extra. The new PTS 120 is, at only 54 dB(A), no louder than a conventional dishwasher and is not larger than a household refrigerator (at 120 x 50 x 65 cm). The PTS 120 is the perfect solution to provide dental suction and compressed air in a one-room surgery situation, or when considering adding a new treatment room within an established practice. Installation of the PTS 120 means also short supply lines. So whether the surgery is located in a modern high-rise or somewhere in an older building-short supply lines mean: no loss in performance and lower installation- and maintenance costs. The Power Tower Silence 120 is available in different versions, and all will fit in harmoniously in every practice furniture style, and it connects easily to any conventional Dental Unit. The PTS 120 from Dürr Dental quality as one expects from the pioneer in dental suction and dental compressor technology.