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dental oilless air compressor

Dental Oilless Air Compressor offers advanced compressor technology through the development of a completely oilless unit. Units are available in single or two stage models. Continuously lubricated, sealed bearings provide oilless (free) compressed air and long compressor life. Our units offer an onboard fan, finned flywheel and temperature reducing composite piston, which creates lower operating temperatures.

Our Dental Oilless Air Compressor are made of a high strength self-lubricating composite using the most advanced technology available. These heat-reducing pistons eliminate the effect of excessive grease leakage at the wrist pin bearing. Teflon rings reduce wear and provide self-lubrication. Ideal for Aerospace, Chemical Processing, Climate Control, Dental, Environmental, Food Processing, Instrumentation, Laboratories, N2 Generation, O2 Generation, Petrochemical Pharmaceutical, and Soil Remediation. Available in BaseMount, Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, and Quadplex designs. (Key Note: You may want to consider the following when purchasing a new compressor; air or water cooled after-cooler, controls, drains, and related drying and filtration devices).