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dental oil free air compressor

Dental oil free air compressor supplies 100% oil-free air to the dental office environment. Through its smooth, vibration-free running at 65 dB, the Ultra Clean air compressor prevents the expensive and inconvenient need for a sound cover. Dental oil free air compressors are equipped with energy efficient heads, large cooling fans and Teflon-coated pistons and cylinders that provide years of dependable service. The Rocky features moisture indicators, epoxy-coated tanks and rubber-leveling feet, along with handles for easy lifting and installation.


  • All air receiver tanks have internal epoxy coating applied
  • The air is dried before to prevent bacteria build-up in the tank
  • All models have desiccant air drying systems
  • Rocking piston technology decreases noise and increases motor life
  • Compressors are available in dual, triple or quad head configurations
  • Teflon coated pistons and sleeves insure long life of the compressor heads
  • Remote air intake filters trap dirt, dust and air born pollutants
  • Energy efficient thermally protected split phase motors
  • Moisture indicators standard on all models