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dental compressor

When buying a dental compressor the following are things to be considered. The dental compressor needs to be large enough to run an office efficiently. Most dental representatives think you need to evaluate how many rooms you have. Whether you are using Matrix, Air Technique, or Apollo the size of the dental compressor should be based on how many users you have on the system, not rooms of equipment you use. A doctor counts as 1 user, a hygienist as half a user, a specialist as half a user.

Matrix, Air Technique and Apollo offer various models of dental compressors from a one horsepower in a single head, to a dual 1 horsepower dental compressor. There is also a Single 2 horsepower, or a dual 2 horsepower. All of the choices would be based on the size you require for your particular installation, including future operatory additions.

The other consideration for your Dental Compressor, is should it be a dental oil free air compressor or an oil-less model. The oil will have a much higher level of noise that will travel throughout your office. An oil compressor is less expensive; you must however check the oil level once a month. Never locate an oil-less compressor next to a private office or an operatory because of the noise. It is better located near the lab or near the back of the office.