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Before JW series Dental Air Compressor existing, we have got many clinician suggestion from many running, rationality of


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Distilled water machine      Distilled water machine-W

Item Code:Distilled water machine-W Features:Economically,DRINK can produce 100% distilled water,applicable for medical use.Temperature sensor automatically control distilling process. Activated carbon absorbs odors,no water purifier or filter,easy operation and cleaning.
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Distilled water:1.5L/h
Chamber size:Ø18X20
Outside size:290X290X390mm
packing size:245X285X510mm

    Sterilization must adopt distilled water as operation medium.Even purified water has various minerals and can produce furring scale after evaporation at high temperature,which after a period of time,can to leaking of steam due to improper closure.It can also lead to the narrow pipes sensor,to the malfunction of temperature sensor and to other failures.Once the furring scale enters handpiece and other instrument which are hollow inside or has apertures,it will clog the narrow pipes and axis,lowering the turning speed of handpiece,thus reducing its life span.Therefore

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