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High Frequency X Ray Machine (JW-3)      JW-3

Item Code:JW-3 Features:
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Generator supports superior image quality and better safety conditions for your patients and staff.
一、Intraoral  X-ray System Technical Specifications
  a)、X-ray generator: High frequency (200kHz)
  b)  Tube voltage: 55kV, 60 kV, 65 kV,70kV
  c)、Tube current: 3mA(RVG), 7mA(film)
  d)、Exposure time: 0.05s-2.00s
  e)、leaked Radiation less than: 0.14mGy/h
  f)、Focal spot: 0.8mm
  g)、Weight of tube-head: 4.5kg
h)、total length(from Wall to tube-head ): long arm is 220cm, short arm is 160cm。
  h)、Mounting options: Wall, floor or mobile
二、Features and Benefits of the Intraoral X-ray System

a)Very High frequency (DC) Technology
    F’s very high frequency (DC) generator helps you obtain high image quality while minimizing the radiation dose.
b) Digital and film imaging
   Adapted to every type of imaging technology, the system operates with both film and digital radiography.
c) Easy and Fast exposure settings
    The simple control of the timer helps you select the correct exposure settings quickly and easily.
d) Remote Control
    The cordless remote control allows you to operate the system within 10meters.
e) Flexible and Smart Design
    Thanks to the unit’s compact design, the X-ray System can easily fit into most practices. And with three mounting positions to choose from, the unit is fully adaptable to your spacing requirements.

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