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ImplaKlean™ Implant Scaling Set      ImplaKlean™ Implant Scaling Set

Item Code:ImplaKlean™ Implant Scaling Set Features:
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Designed to fulfill the requirements of dental implant
maintenance. ImplaKleanTM is made of high-performance
autoclavable carbon reinforced resin, its unique rigidity allows
conventional resharpening. It will not scratch abutments?
surfaces because of its unique resin material. Scalers? handles are
ergonomically designed with a pair of color-coded silicone grips
for comfort and easy identification.
Availabel in 3 types for different implant cleaning purposes:
4R/4L is the universal tip for use on all implant surfaces;
H6/H7 is a sickle scaler for the removal of supra-gingival
204S is a sickle scaler for the removal of posterior supra-gingival


Unique resin material does not scratch implant surfaces

Resharpenable with conventional methods

Comfortable color-coded silicone grips

3 Available types to satisfy different scaling needs


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