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Before JW series Dental Air Compressor existing, we have got many clinician suggestion from many running, rationality of


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About Us

     Our tenet is “We offer the high quality products and services to our clients”. To guarantee the quality of our Products, We strictly comply with the Management system of Quality Control and Quality Inspection.
Our factory is located in No.87, Jinguang Road, Tiger Hill Developing District, Suzhou city .The factory’s condition and production environment is certificated and put on the record by Jiangsu Province Medical Supervise Manage Bureau. Factory spreads production under the rule of medical instrument and meets need of medical supervise manage.
     Before JW series Dental Air Compressor existing, we have got many clinician suggestion from many hospitals; collected matching factories related data and analyzed their products. Comparing with their products, our Dental Compressors function is more complete and incarnating the flush design. During the developing, engineers put the convenience of running, rationality of instrument, stability of capability in the first place .During more than one year developing, we select eligible suppliers and high-quality equipment, raw materials. Though they are at high cost, our high quality products are highly appraised by many dentists and got well- pleading clinic efforts.
     To manufacture steadily and measure up the quality, we manufacture the Dental Oil Free Air Compressor and authorized registration—YZB/SU (SU) 0007-2006<< JW series medical oilless compressor>> and JW series medical Portable Air Compressor technic document .With feasible technic manage system and perfect bylaw .we can guarantee the high quality of the compressor and meet the need of Medical Instrument.
Engineers and managers take charge of the development and quality control .All the workers are trained by relative major knowledge and recognized the importance of the high quality. And manufacturers of special station have to work with their related certification of working trade.
     Our factory owns complete equipment and inspection instrument. And purchase bran-new equipment: drill press, Incise machine, electric welding, etc. Collocate creepage testing machine, grouding resistance testing instrument, geostatic testing instrument, A level sound (grade) testing instrument.
For the choice of main accessories, such as engine, air container, etc. We made survey for the suppliers’ quality system .throughput, technic equipment, credit standing and after service. We demand their copy of certification, such ad ISO9001 quality system, CE authentication and CCC authentication.
We are holding and applying the International Quality Management System Certifications ISO9001 and Medical Devices Quality Management System Certification ISO13458. The CE certification had achieved.
     With completely equipment and excellent manufactures and the attention and help by Medical Bureau, we are confident in offering high quality product to each customer.